Friday, August 21, 2009

A life too fast!!!

when i think about our lives today, i realize that each of us our living lives that are too fast for each of us to cope up with. we live in three stages of life at the same time, the past , the present, and the future. and yet we forget that the only one that matters is present. we forget taht the present does not depend on the past and neither does the future on the present and none of us can be sure what might just happen the next moment. and yet we either live our daily lives on yesterday's consequences or tomorrow's plans. we simply hurry over to tomorrow without even living today completely. why?
i dont get it. as we become more and more technologically more and more advanced, why do we only think about making stuff that is faster? i know time is money, but why is money so inportant? in this world, where we use telephones, cell phones, internet, smaller chips and so many diverse means of communication, we get even lonlier day by day. have you ever wondered that despite of so many ways you have to talk to your friends, why are you still lonely. as our world is getting smaller, aren't each of us simply getting lonelier.
why dont we just commune with people more in person? technology should be our necessity, not our way of living. right?
there is still nothing that science could build that would make a foetus grow faster, that could replace a mother's care, that could replace love's intution, that could give us what we need most to live,LOVE, HAPPINESS AND TRUE SATIFACTION.
in this 21st century, have you ever wondered why we need so many psychiatrists? its simply because we need someone to talk to. something that a robot, a heartless machine can never do. we are rushing through everything and living for necessaties like money and luxury.
hey! get a grip, slow down and take a deep breath. look around you. there is no moment that is ordinary, no day that has been fruitless and nothing that is entirely pointless.
a smiling child, a romantic couple and a group have friends have a lot to teach. you are not a loser if you lose, because you can never lose anything and you never lost anything. you are never better than yesterday and will never be better tomorrow. all that you will be is yourself, which is absolutely the best.
i am happy, even when i ma not at the top anymore, even when i will never be what the others wish taht i could because i see someone smile everyday, at me or at the others. and i know that life goes on and that it always will go on ...
calm down, becuse in order to win so much, we sometimes forget about some important things that we lose. its not all about money you know, its actually more about LIFE....