Thursday, October 22, 2009


'Life is a mystery, its no good trying to figure it out'.
even when i knew it, i still couldn't understand and explain to myself the cause of so much suffering. i have complete faith in god, and yet all he does seemed so confusing and wrong. if god existed, why would the others suffer?
it was like the answer clicked just like that and i knew the reason why....
god is a father who does not think that it is right to teach everything to the kids verbally, and even if he does, there are some things he wants them to experience. its not poverty and other bad stuff that i am talking about. i am talking about sympathy and compassion. its only in the time of each other's suffering that mankind comes it human nature, or whatever it be, but without suffering, there would be no compassion and without compassion, no humanity.
we fight with each other all the time, but in the time of an illness, a death, poverty and terror, its wonderful to see how we come close to each other. suffering only glorifies love, and love is all that matters.
if you would not be in a problem, how would your friends help you and if they dont help, how would you know that they love you like they do.
if you would not help people, there would be no way to show kindness and ultimately, there will be a hole in you, somewhere, for missing something.
Suffering is never bad, love covers it all up.