Friday, March 26, 2010

writing again!!!

after long months of battling with my own self about not writing , i finally give in and return to tha key board again... i feel i ought to write. with so many different thoughts overflowing you, its hard not to...
so lets start one thing at a time...
weather, even so hot, has not felt better with the exam burden shrugged off my back( not quite a burden though, it just seemed a long drawn journey) and now i experience a freedom i hadn't experienced for a long time...
i really dont know what i wanna write about, it just feels good to let the words flow... so probably i should just right a little poem to express my joy...

its called trust

Trust the day

Its going to last

Trust the present

Forget the past

Trust yourself

To make it through

Trust the broken

To make way for new

Trust the time

To last long enough

Trust the strangers

Even if it’s tough

Trust the lord

When there is no help

Trust your friends

When the wounds won’t mend

Trust your life

It won’t deceive

Trust me

And just believe…