Thursday, April 29, 2010

Once upon a time, i lost myself...

It happened a few days back and what happened had never happened before. i generally do not doubt what i believe in, but that day, somehow, that evil snake of doubt had me so tight in his grip that i almost lost faith... i cried so hard that i couldnt hear anything beyond my own sobs. no voice of reason colud be heard.
I always like to call myself " a ray of hope" and i always think that if i lose hope in good stuff, everybody else will too. this perception keeps me going and makes my faith grow stronger each day. it inspires me to keep believing in what i already believe in.
that day, the fire was almost gone. i cried myself to sleep. i gave in to the death of my faith. i surrendered to the fact that nothing i would do, would change stuff around me. what was the use?
everybody i knew was as lonely as i was. what difference could i make?
when suddenly, in my half dreamy state, something i heard in a movie echoed in my ear.
" if we are all alone, we are all in this together too"
that was enough. that was just what i needed.
no matter what we do, how bad things may get, there is always somebody somewhere going through exactly what we are going through. and perhaps that person is fighting more bravely than we are.
that is inspiring, always a ray of hope.
and so i opened my eyes, and managed to shove that awful snake off my back.
i am my natural self again, smiling and hoping to spread more smiles, more than ever.

today morning, one of my friends had written the following line in his status
" every story is a fairytale, it all depends where you end the story"
so true!!!
Cinderella might never have found her prince had she just run away when the clock struck 12 and the prince had not made the effort to pick up the shoe and find the girl who owned it.
isnt it so simple, you just gotta make an extra effort to turn your life around..
so why not start with it today?
smile, laugh, have faith and keep the hopes high..
and let the magic of love begin!!!


dolly rohira said...

you are no doubt a ray of hope for others rupali... and yes... if u ll lose hope in something ... others will be worse!!!
so... never let that aweful snake of doubt get on ur back ever again...

RICHA said...

i totally agree i hev nvr seen a person lyk u wid such a gr8 positive attitude towards lyf n i wan u to nvr lose hopes...ur truly a ray of *HOPE*

P()()r\/!.....the surviver said...

you know.. i owe you smthing. i dont know if i can explain that. u are one f a kind. its amazing to see how you manage to be self-inspired all the time.. thr are moments when i just wanto give up and i say "bhaad me jaye..mujhe nhi karna".. but then again deep down my heart thrs a voice which says.."just once more"..and smwhr you are responsible to fuel that voice.

Saumya said...

rupali, u r not just a ray of hope you the whole sun of it., i've seen myself losin hope in everything but then you just come out of nowhere and miraclously do everything right, hats off to you, what you did, and what are doing now just keep doing it forever....