Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your song...

My hands strike the keys on the keyboard for inspiration. i want to write, but i have no clue what i want to write about...
probably a poem is just perfect for this occasion...

i heard it first so long ago
when i was sad, you hummed it in my ear
its the song that is still a comfort
after all these tiring years

i have fought endless battles and wars
i won some of them, and some i lost
but on the battleground, amongst the cries
the happy song demolished the holocaust

be it love or agonizing hatred
a tear for loss in love or war
some breeze dried my every tear
that breath that sounded just like your song

and now and then as i lie down
tired or broken from a day too long
as i close my drooping eyes, somewhere
your sweet voice still hums that song...


Nikunj Bansal said...

wowwww....thats wonderful...nice poem dear

P.S. your partner would be lucky to have u as his soulmate..really :)

Disha said...

Awesome poem darling!!! Keep up the great work...hope to get more pieces like these soon..:)

Poetik said...

this is truly truly beautiful angel of love...... very inspiring!!

from your writing you really are a ray of hope!

P()()r\/!.....the surviver said...

some breeze dried my every tear
that breath that sounded just like your song..


RICHA said...

fantabulous p0em , truly inspiring
keep on writing such fabulous poems.........:)

Poetik said...

love the graphic you added to go along with that beautiful poem of yours! =]