Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Copycat, With love...

We were the faces of the same coin...
when i rose high, you fell down
and as i smiled, you only frowned
you hated it when i loved something
though you had just everything

When one day the coin was flipped again...
we landed beside a calm lake
you landed below me like always
you saw me shine inside the water
that was when you began the slaughter
of what i had, and what i liked
you became my evil side
you became my image in the lake
unhappy with yourself, you became fake

so when i smiled, you laughed out loud
and when i spoke, an echo rebounds
whatever I wrote, you scripted it
and whatever I did, you copied it

I know I might sound mean to you…
But really, its not my fault
I hate all this, and that is all

But you’ve to know that you’ll always be…
Something so prone to destruction
So fragile and so vague
That’s what happens to things so fake
I say you must admire the ground
And I am even ready to flip around
So that you find your own identity
And stop being a threat to my originality…

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The invincible Knight...

Pick yourself up off the ground
you know you have to turn around
for the tasks that you have left undone
due to the heat from the ruthless sun

You gotta look up towards the sky
gather yourself up and start to try
you have done it before, you'll do it again
you've nothing to lose, only to gain

believe in yourself, as i believe in you
be the hero you've always wanted to
and enter the battle, your head held high
fight with the old " do or die"

you created a mess, you'll clear it now
you know the answers, you know the 'how'
you can pave your own way as you go along
be silent like the river so strong

you're the hero, the villain as well
be free to look around and dwell
on the past, the future and present too
just tread along the way you've wanted to

you've lost nothing you've ever had
you know things are not that bad
come up and fight, with all your might
you're born to be the invincible knight...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Reading with Insight...

I was reading harry potter and the half blood prince the other day. Though it was like the eighth time i was reading the book, i found some lines i had never paid attention to before..
they were something like this..
"It was, he thought, the difference between being dragged into the arena to face a battle to the death and walking into the arena with your head held high. Some people, perhaps, would say that there was little to choose between the two ways, but Dumbledore knew - and so do I, thought Harry, with a rush of fierce pride, and so did my parents - that there was all the difference in the world."...
These lines had a great impact on me. For those who have read the book know exactly what it means, but for those who haven't, these lines could mean so much more.

Life gives us so many things to fight for... love, freedom, rights and above all, it always poses some or the other difficulty just when we know things are going right.
so this means, that we have to fight anyways. whether things go our way or not, whether we like it or not and whether we wish it or not. there will always be a lot of things to fight for and against. you cannot runaway from things forever, because you'll then end up fighting a mental battle with your own self, judging yourself all the time, probably even in a harsh and cruel manner.
so basically, the battles have to be fought.
now the choice is up to you, to emerge gallantly victorious or to sneak out from the battleground.
The latter seems easy yet it takes more courage to be a coward than to stand up and fight.


This is a poem i wrote long ago. I wanted to write something fresh but it just wouldn't come. so i guess I'll just do with this... (This is one of my favourite poems)

I saw a flower grow behind my yard
Its stem so soft but the ground so hard
And yet he blossomed with the rising sun
Curious about the lessons he was to learn
He faced the sun with twinkling eyes
His soul was true and it knew no lies
In the river below he saw himself
The nature smiled at his innocence

As the day passed by it grew so hot
In the scorching sun he felt so caught
He shut his eyes, so full of tears,
The revolting nature filled with fears
He became tensed, wanted to run away
To back to his past and find his way
He cursed the nature, which took offence
The flower began to lose his innocence

The evening came with different colours
The shades of grey and the sky grew duller
The clouds thundered, it began to rain
The flower screamed for help but in vain
The river now reflected an image so vague
The flower shed his petals and grew so fake
Why nobody heard, he couldn’t make sense
The flower was deprived of his innocence

The night came on and harder it grew.
The flower knew not what he should do
His voice was drowned with the noise of rain
His naked flesh now bled with pain
He prayed so hard to the clouds abound
But his cry for mercy was again drowned
The stem was breaking, the pain intense
The flower died, so did his innocence

But a new sun rose in the morning sky,
The rain had ceased now the birds could fly
I went early morning, behind my yard
Where the ground was soft and no more hard
And I saw the remains of that innocent life
Whose body had been through pain and strife
Petals and stem still showed brilliance
But dead lay an innocence

But some things they say never die
So I know, as the time passes by
The petals will mix with the new soil
And then, if the nature toils
Soon I will see another flower
In a blessed divine hour
And then the nature will smile again
At the never ending innocence...

Friday, June 4, 2010

A song i still sing...

Its been a while since i sang that song
i guess i am afraid to get the notes wrong
the song's not easy, yet simple and pure
and every time i hear it, i feel secure

you wrote it for me, you remember or not
when i was tired and comfort i sought
you sang it to me, but you were losing faith
i don't know how, but you lost your face

i tried to sing your song back to you
i thought it might work for you too
and as you bled, though i sang the song
you just kept bleeding all day long

but you finally opened your eyes again
you lost faith in me, you turned away
you left me alone in the storm
you were okay now, but i was torn

but i want you to know i still sing
the same song you once wrote for me
it couldn't help you but it helps me survive
and every time i sing it, my soul revives

because i guess that it was just my song
it expressed your love, not mine
and though you say you don't love me anymore
the song tells me your love's alive...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No name...

This is a song with no name at all
like a dream with no aim at all
a stone that breaks the water's surf
the drops of that old heaven's curse

leaves sway in a whisper for
the fear of being heard by the storm
silence is must, for the tempest shrieks
every time the land deceives

i dig and dig, inside the snow
till my hands are black and feet are cold
for the secrets are determined to reveal
themselves to the thieves who steal

for the spirits are dark and the soul is bright
the battle's won, yet i lost the fight
for in the end, to break your fall
i was left with a song with no name at all...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I know...

Close your eyes
and feel the breeze
give all u have
to receive
what was never yours
nor will it ever be
and yet you get it
for you can see.

Tell me your story
the wars you fought
whatever you had
but then you lost
then close your eyes
and picture it
what you could you have had
but you never did
and then see it through
you never do
as I say
but today you will
coz you've lost the battle
and now u broke
but before you leave
you know I am
your very last ray of hope...

and mind that I
will always know
wht u never did
But I will always know.