Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Copycat, With love...

We were the faces of the same coin...
when i rose high, you fell down
and as i smiled, you only frowned
you hated it when i loved something
though you had just everything

When one day the coin was flipped again...
we landed beside a calm lake
you landed below me like always
you saw me shine inside the water
that was when you began the slaughter
of what i had, and what i liked
you became my evil side
you became my image in the lake
unhappy with yourself, you became fake

so when i smiled, you laughed out loud
and when i spoke, an echo rebounds
whatever I wrote, you scripted it
and whatever I did, you copied it

I know I might sound mean to you…
But really, its not my fault
I hate all this, and that is all

But you’ve to know that you’ll always be…
Something so prone to destruction
So fragile and so vague
That’s what happens to things so fake
I say you must admire the ground
And I am even ready to flip around
So that you find your own identity
And stop being a threat to my originality…


AI\II_IPAI\/I said...

gud one.....lets c how dis one gets copied!!!

roopal said...

heyyyy.....don't be sad i know u hav got whatever one needs to proove onself on this earth .just b u and beleive in u .whoever she/he is i know noone can wear a mask for said u can steal one's acton but is impossible to steal d thoughts and ideas .sry i was talking abt ur poem i think it has got every element to show ur sadness and depression