Friday, June 11, 2010


This is a poem i wrote long ago. I wanted to write something fresh but it just wouldn't come. so i guess I'll just do with this... (This is one of my favourite poems)

I saw a flower grow behind my yard
Its stem so soft but the ground so hard
And yet he blossomed with the rising sun
Curious about the lessons he was to learn
He faced the sun with twinkling eyes
His soul was true and it knew no lies
In the river below he saw himself
The nature smiled at his innocence

As the day passed by it grew so hot
In the scorching sun he felt so caught
He shut his eyes, so full of tears,
The revolting nature filled with fears
He became tensed, wanted to run away
To back to his past and find his way
He cursed the nature, which took offence
The flower began to lose his innocence

The evening came with different colours
The shades of grey and the sky grew duller
The clouds thundered, it began to rain
The flower screamed for help but in vain
The river now reflected an image so vague
The flower shed his petals and grew so fake
Why nobody heard, he couldn’t make sense
The flower was deprived of his innocence

The night came on and harder it grew.
The flower knew not what he should do
His voice was drowned with the noise of rain
His naked flesh now bled with pain
He prayed so hard to the clouds abound
But his cry for mercy was again drowned
The stem was breaking, the pain intense
The flower died, so did his innocence

But a new sun rose in the morning sky,
The rain had ceased now the birds could fly
I went early morning, behind my yard
Where the ground was soft and no more hard
And I saw the remains of that innocent life
Whose body had been through pain and strife
Petals and stem still showed brilliance
But dead lay an innocence

But some things they say never die
So I know, as the time passes by
The petals will mix with the new soil
And then, if the nature toils
Soon I will see another flower
In a blessed divine hour
And then the nature will smile again
At the never ending innocence...


Poorvi said...

good one.. is this the same poem wich you recited in that competition??

Angel of love!!! said...

yup.. this is the one..
cant believe u remember!!!

Angel of love!!! said...
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RICHA said...

lovely poem......

roopal said...

u hav a beauty in writing which is very attractiv i think. how innocently u have portrayed a lif in a whimsical rhythm. it's just ausumn

P()()r\/!.....the surviver said...

yeah i do rem'ber.i appreciate good work and remember it.