Saturday, June 12, 2010

The invincible Knight...

Pick yourself up off the ground
you know you have to turn around
for the tasks that you have left undone
due to the heat from the ruthless sun

You gotta look up towards the sky
gather yourself up and start to try
you have done it before, you'll do it again
you've nothing to lose, only to gain

believe in yourself, as i believe in you
be the hero you've always wanted to
and enter the battle, your head held high
fight with the old " do or die"

you created a mess, you'll clear it now
you know the answers, you know the 'how'
you can pave your own way as you go along
be silent like the river so strong

you're the hero, the villain as well
be free to look around and dwell
on the past, the future and present too
just tread along the way you've wanted to

you've lost nothing you've ever had
you know things are not that bad
come up and fight, with all your might
you're born to be the invincible knight...


Nikunj Bansal said...

wow yaar...
was that really for me..
thanks a lot dear :)


Poetik said...

Angel of Love.... for such a young woman, you are so full of wisdom! Reading this poem of your's, I feel God speak a message to my heart. You're awesome, keep up the beauty in your writing =]

Poetik said...

would you mind if i reposted this poem of your's on my blog, of course with your author name ? =] it's very inspirational and i'd like to share it if possible..

Angel of love!!! said...

hey.. sure!! i am positively thrilled...
i don't mind at all if you published it on your blog..

Poetik said...

thnx so much! i'll even post a link to your blog fr it... Luv it!

ps i also love your new blog background... how did you get it like that?

Angel of love!!! said...

there is this design option on the blogger dashboard..
try it. its so much fun designing your own blog.. :)

AI\II_IPAI\/I said...

dat was truly wonderful...

roopal said...

hey grl u really bring lif to sumunthoughtful topics aand u present them so welll. i think it is a lessn fro all of us to wake up and do the needful .gud oe girl