Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No name...

This is a song with no name at all
like a dream with no aim at all
a stone that breaks the water's surf
the drops of that old heaven's curse

leaves sway in a whisper for
the fear of being heard by the storm
silence is must, for the tempest shrieks
every time the land deceives

i dig and dig, inside the snow
till my hands are black and feet are cold
for the secrets are determined to reveal
themselves to the thieves who steal

for the spirits are dark and the soul is bright
the battle's won, yet i lost the fight
for in the end, to break your fall
i was left with a song with no name at all...


dolly rohira said...

sumthng wrong???

roopal said...

u sound so low....what's d matter ??? don't b afraid and do ur best.i good thng abt basd thing is that it conesto an end

roopal said...

i am sry there was sum typing mistake i good thing abt bad thing is that it comes to an end just lik after every nite there comes a bright sunny morning