Friday, June 4, 2010

A song i still sing...

Its been a while since i sang that song
i guess i am afraid to get the notes wrong
the song's not easy, yet simple and pure
and every time i hear it, i feel secure

you wrote it for me, you remember or not
when i was tired and comfort i sought
you sang it to me, but you were losing faith
i don't know how, but you lost your face

i tried to sing your song back to you
i thought it might work for you too
and as you bled, though i sang the song
you just kept bleeding all day long

but you finally opened your eyes again
you lost faith in me, you turned away
you left me alone in the storm
you were okay now, but i was torn

but i want you to know i still sing
the same song you once wrote for me
it couldn't help you but it helps me survive
and every time i sing it, my soul revives

because i guess that it was just my song
it expressed your love, not mine
and though you say you don't love me anymore
the song tells me your love's alive...


dolly rohira said...

keep faith in ur lord
believe in the song
close ur eyes
and u ll know
that nothing's really wrong!

AI\II_IPAI\/I said...


RICHA said...

lovely song....

roopal said...

amazing one.....