Sunday, July 18, 2010

Turn around and face me...

Turn around to face me...
Show me the tears in your eyes
Show me my hatred and my lies
Show me the heart that paid a price

Turn around and face me...
Point your finger on my face
Your warm body in my cold embrace
The love that put you to disgrace

Turn around and face me...
Point your righteous gun at me
Pull the trigger and set me free
Of your excruciating apathy

Turn around and tell the world...
How I tore your heart apart
How sweetly i called you my sweetheart
and murdered your innocent heart

And then turn around and answer me
Did you ever figure out who i was?
Ever accepted my perfect flaws?
Ever wondered what goes on behind
every time the curtain falls?

I was never what you thought i was
will never be an image of desires
coz frost can never be the fire
You cannot see the invisible
And will never defeat the invincible
If you are moonbeam, i am the lightening in the sky
the wrath, the power, the nature's cry
If you are the river, I am the endless sea
Too deep and large for you to be

You cannot bind or hold me
You cannot bend or mold me
Just let me be myself for a while
and i might come back with a smile
But till then forgive me and bid farewell
I'll be back as soon as i feel well!!


dolly rohira said...

just one word...
B E A U T I F U L!

RICHA said...


P()()r\/!.....the surviver said...

reading you is surprising cuz this is almost the exact what i need to say.. but words find friends with you not me !!

Angel of love!!! said...
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Poetik said...

Angel of Lovve... another poem... this one intense and raw.... very emotional and def something I can relate to... :) love the line about frost & fire

Saumya said...

i think its one of your best creations till now