Wednesday, September 8, 2010

He built me long ago...
they called me a master-piece
with wings of stone and extinguished eyes
my proportion was perfect
I reflected power
even when inside I was rusted
my marble shone
a reminder of pure grace
my smile perfect
a blend of beauty and innocence
they could see me breathing
I was almost human

Standing on the crossroads
I could say what other living creatures could not

They called me " the angel"
with my wings of stone and my heart of lead

An angel who couldn't love
who was not even alive

If only I could speak
and could tell them
that I wasn't the angel they needed
and that angels were around them all the time
with hearts that felt and eyes that were kind
the humans who could feel

And not put faith in a stone sculpture like me
but in people who knew how to love...