Saturday, October 16, 2010

I always know..

When the day is bright
and the sky is blue
when the clouds smile
like angels too
I know that you are thinking of me

When a butterfly passes me on the street
whenever I get an unexpected treat
all those times when I smile for no reason at all
and whenever anything breaks my fall
I know you are whispering prayers for me

Whenever there is an approaching storm
the sky is grey and hope is gone
and I suddenly find shelter beneath
some old roof in the wild heath
I know it is you protecting me

When I am in pain, broken and lost
when I cant find my way back at all
some song is played in my heart
and I know I just won't fall apart
because you're there,
always there with me

And when I breathe and when I cry
whenever my heart beats out of time
I always know
Just somehow know
I just crossed your mind...

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