Saturday, October 16, 2010

I had this feeling today evening. One of those feelings that you get by intuition or may be some instinct that something that I have been waiting for is about to happen. I spent the whole evening today really happy. My heart kept fluttering and nothing anybody said or did made me angry at all. Because I was going to get what I had been waiting for. That hope was enough to keep me happy. Not just this evening, but probably , forever.
I think this is what life is about.
When you have a dream, when you know that what you want will happen someday, that little hope becomes the reason for your existence. It does not matter what it might be. It does not even matter what lies on the other side of the mountain you are so happily climbing. It does not even matter if the mountain even has an end or not. You might even be living on the hope of doing something and don’t even do it.
Ultimately, it all comes back on just the hope, because until hope remains, life is a bliss everyday.
And so as I said, I don’t know what happened today evening. Maybe it was the little kid who smiled back at me on the road. May be it was the wonderful time I had with my friend today. Or may be it was just the fact that it rained today in my city and I got wet. May be god had put a cheering charm on me or something.
Whatever it was, I still don’t get it.
But nevertheless, I looked up at the sky and said thank you anyways. Because I think it was god’s way of telling me that he still cares and loves me a lot…

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