Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shadows beneath those eyes...

In the shadows under those eyes
I still see the ghost of our past
It lingers in your heart
It still haunts the inside of your head

You go through every memory
one by one, each second of your day
Wishing I wouldn't come back
wishing I would fade away

You are confused, frustrated
You don't know how to react
You left me years ago
Why does it all keep rushing back?

You sleep, you eat
You go out in the park
you try to work
sit alone in the dark

But you see me in your dreams
and in every stranger's face
you try to erase me
I set your heart ablaze

You pretend you are happy
that you are so alright
but inside you are hollow
in darkness too bright

And now you search for me
so you can go back in time
but till my heart bleeds
I'll stay right there in the shadows
beneath your tired eyes...

1 comment:

RICHA said...

its so true n i think its the reality wat u hev written....gr8 wrk. god bless!