Friday, October 8, 2010

When the rain comes down
I can hear the sky cry

Listen to it, it won't fall forever
catch every tear
of sorrow and joy
Hear every story
Of love and life

When I hear the sky
I hear you too
I hear you calling out to me
Your voice stays in the wind
its whispered back to me by the trees

I hear you from this side of the glass
You speak to me from the other side
Only a thin sheet of art
Keeps the two of us apart
But I won't open the windows yet
For the fear of things rushing too fast

I hear you when I close my eyes
and the wind soothes my tormented soul
It carries your song along with it
I hear it and I sing along
My heart melts in the beauty of it

So listen to the falling rain tonight
I know you'll hear my voice too
For we must not meet as yet
The meeting hour shall wait some more
but you must sing, without fail
so waiting shall not hurt no more...

1 comment:

roopal said...

it is a very beautiful poem rupali...