Thursday, November 25, 2010

Little house...

In the little house
upon the hill
A while ago
that we had built
under the moon that smiles so sweet
under the sky with hopes so bleak
the bed's unmade
the garden unkempt
the floor unclean
the flowers are dead
but you and me
in this little house
we once had built
and now we are back

Just you and me
and no one else
washed in the rain
made pure again
we have lived this place
in every way
the summer, the fall
four seasons a day
by and by
and brick by brick
we have built this house
in this little world
just you and me
and no one else
to this little house
we'll give life again

I'll follow you
wherever you go
down the creek and up the hill
right behind
tracing steps
to our house upon the hill
and smiling as you open the gates
as you take my hand and lead me in
where the bed's unmade
and life is dead
but the memories are still intact
untouched, unharmed
so pure and white
you and me
no one else in sight
together again
after all this while
We'll be safe
In our house tonight...