Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dancing tonight...

Close your eyes
keep one hand on my heart
lets dance into the night together
one step right
and turn me around
and we could be together forever

We need no music
I'll sing the song
set my rhythm with your heart that beats
A one and two and I shall dance
and sway with you effortlessly...

Smile, and make this day so bright
and light up the room with love tonight
I am not afraid
To trip or fall
I hear those things you've never said...

So take my hand
And take the lead
I'll follow you without a word
Lead the dance
and every beat
and I'll walk behind and think no more!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


I like to see you rise and fall
With the kind of serenity that you do
So that I can stay at peace.

What is blown out of you becomes the wind around me.
Its all that keeps me alive.
So that I can live.

So your heart will keep beating.
And my feet shall follow the rhythm you set
So that I won't stop.

And keep breathing
Define my creation and blow life into nothingness.
So that it loses all sense
And has some meaning.

And don't you stop breathing...
Because if you do
Only I will have to live,
without my spirit, my soul and my self.

Breathe... So I shall live!