Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear two-faced freak, with pure hatred..

Dear two-faced freak,

Thought you should know
that what you did to me
has hurt me more than
you ever thought it would
and I smile as I bleed
Something that I have never done before

I smile, because its the first time
that I blame myself
I blame myself for all these cuts
and the fact that this time
I am alone
silently sewing myself up

Nothing has broken me before
but I guess its another first
I haven't met a guy like you before
nothing so beautiful but vile
nothing so swift but sublime
Only you can so sweetly beguile

You are a two faced freak
and I only saw the white one
and I, myself, have thus broken my own heart...

and so I think I don't blame you at all...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drive Me Sane...

Falling hopes and shattering dreams
Helpless tears and muffled screams
Inside out and turning in
Hiding away in cold skins
Rigid faces with pleading eyes
smiling at one's own demise
Help me escape this world inane
Drive me sane...

Frowning heads with curious minds
Wisdom in those senseless rhymes
Hocus - Pocus, magic lines
Always trying to still the time
Just spit out reason and blow in some sense
take me away from this pretense
Please save me from this brutal pain
Drive me sane...

I've hurt, killed and have become sublime
My existence feels like a moral crime
Give me shelter under your wings
Help me join those broken strings
I shiver and tremble and now I'm cold
Buy my heart, before its sold
After all I've lost, only you remain
Please, before its too late..
Drive me sane...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Open Doors...

I will leave the doors open tonight
So you can crawl in stealthily
In my room, inside my soul
And into my dreams to make them sweet
And like a child, I’d smile in my sleep.

And don’t you rush, stay for a while
I wont let you go, I’ll still the time
No wind shall blow, not a cloud shall move
Until you leave, not a flower shall bloom
Let life be still, just like my heart
My heart shan’t beat until we break apart.
I shall cease to live, yet be alive
I’ll shiver under your skin tonight
You make me go cold under your warmth
Your gaze scares me
I fear I shall break, every time you look at me

Your ice cold breath freezes my soul
You are above and around me, everywhere I go
Tonight, I’ll leave my doors open
So you can crawl into my being
In my mind and inside my heart.

And that shall end my existence...