Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear two-faced freak, with pure hatred..

Dear two-faced freak,

Thought you should know
that what you did to me
has hurt me more than
you ever thought it would
and I smile as I bleed
Something that I have never done before

I smile, because its the first time
that I blame myself
I blame myself for all these cuts
and the fact that this time
I am alone
silently sewing myself up

Nothing has broken me before
but I guess its another first
I haven't met a guy like you before
nothing so beautiful but vile
nothing so swift but sublime
Only you can so sweetly beguile

You are a two faced freak
and I only saw the white one
and I, myself, have thus broken my own heart...

and so I think I don't blame you at all...


Saumya said...

it is beautiful, just so amazing :-)

saurav said...

good one...feelings poured in words...