Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drive Me Sane...

Falling hopes and shattering dreams
Helpless tears and muffled screams
Inside out and turning in
Hiding away in cold skins
Rigid faces with pleading eyes
smiling at one's own demise
Help me escape this world inane
Drive me sane...

Frowning heads with curious minds
Wisdom in those senseless rhymes
Hocus - Pocus, magic lines
Always trying to still the time
Just spit out reason and blow in some sense
take me away from this pretense
Please save me from this brutal pain
Drive me sane...

I've hurt, killed and have become sublime
My existence feels like a moral crime
Give me shelter under your wings
Help me join those broken strings
I shiver and tremble and now I'm cold
Buy my heart, before its sold
After all I've lost, only you remain
Please, before its too late..
Drive me sane...


roopal said...

i commendable expression of emotions n thoughts put tog... i found it worth reading grl..great work... the pic nd the d poem combo was quite interesting for me..

roopal said...

sry it's "a commendable"