Monday, March 7, 2011

Open Doors...

I will leave the doors open tonight
So you can crawl in stealthily
In my room, inside my soul
And into my dreams to make them sweet
And like a child, I’d smile in my sleep.

And don’t you rush, stay for a while
I wont let you go, I’ll still the time
No wind shall blow, not a cloud shall move
Until you leave, not a flower shall bloom
Let life be still, just like my heart
My heart shan’t beat until we break apart.
I shall cease to live, yet be alive
I’ll shiver under your skin tonight
You make me go cold under your warmth
Your gaze scares me
I fear I shall break, every time you look at me

Your ice cold breath freezes my soul
You are above and around me, everywhere I go
Tonight, I’ll leave my doors open
So you can crawl into my being
In my mind and inside my heart.

And that shall end my existence...

1 comment:

roopal said...

wow ... an innocent plea