Friday, August 26, 2011


It should have been me
Inside your arms
Playing with your hair
Looking into your eyes

It should have been me
laughing at your jokes
crying out of love
smiling at your lies

It should have been me
saying these words
noticed by you
writing these lines

It should have been me
loved by you
burning in your fire
breaking through your ice

But you didn't like me
so now I am
Just someone else
Burning at the stake
Liked by you
and loved by you
but paying its price...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It started with a craving pool so deep
I drowned in it, there was nothing to see
And yet I searched, I searched for me
Reached out to grab what was empty

I should have stopped at the danger sign
He had warned me beforehand
I should have stopped when he had tried to stop me
And we wouldn’t have been so empty

He blew some air into my lungs
He had tried to resuscitate me
He reached out and grabbed my heart
But life had left me empty

I watched him weep beside me
I should have wiped his tears dry
But all that was left of me and him
was empty, all empty…


Concealed, unsaid, unheard.

Mocked, pierced, killed.

chapped, putrid, stingy.

Whispered, anticipated, silenced.

Words, unspoken...