Sunday, January 1, 2012

My love, this one time
leave a part of yourself behind
walk ahead, like you always do
just come back when I call for you
you have lived your life, day by day
just stop for once when I ask you to stay,
look behind, for what you've missed
come back for me this time, and stay
my love, just this one time
make me a part of your heart's design...

I will take you back to the times we had
we'll go behind and never come back
we'll live each dream and sing old songs
and go to those places where we once belonged
Don't be scared, keep your hand on my heart
I won't ever let the world break us apart
Darling, our life will be the same again
if you trust me again, like you once did
the sun shall rise for a brighter day
My love, if you'd only ask me to stay...


Deepali said...

Beautiful! :)

ashish kumar pathak said...

ofcourse elegant..
but this one makes me a lot more curious....

Angel of love said...

Curious in what way...??

ashish kumar pathak said...

ofcourse your story coz some part of it are scattered here and there like jumble words on your blog especially when i went through few of your posts. though sometimes i could connect few of those but only partially.
got me...

Angel of love!!! said...

I get you... Not your fault actually... hey dnt tell a story at all.... They r jst my random feelings... :)

ashish kumar pathak said...

only random i am again curious :)

Angel of love!!! said...

gud one... :)