Saturday, February 11, 2012

Every hour, every day
is right here on my fingertips
My mirror shows a sadder face
I smiled once, like I do now
Only then, it was in a better way
We held hands and the sun used to shine
only now, I hold both of mine
close together, to fill the empty space
The sun still shines but on a gloomy day.

My mirror, it wonders
where I am today
My face, its there
but my heart's away
my mirror knows me best, my friends, they don't
I smile at them, but it never stays
I look away, in the other direction
my mirror smiles so sadly today
May be I should run, may be I should stay
may be its wiser to drive away

But I look in the rear-view mirror
and it make wanna turn around
May be its not the time to leave yet
May be its not fair to stay down
What if you didn't ask
doesn't mean I won't stay
I'll be perfectly fine alone today
You left a frowning face
but I remember how to smile
In time, I'll learn to smile again...

Every hour, every day
I'll teach myself how to smile
and in time, I know I'll smile again...


ashish kumar pathak said...

awesome :)

varsha tripathi said...
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