Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My pen drew an image of yours
It was an image, and nothing more
You were an idea I had, just a passing thought
And now I am you, and nothing more
You were a song I wrote down once
Now it is all I’ll sing, till I’ll sing no more
You were a stranger once, until I sketched you out
Limbs and bones, flesh and blood
And my spirit, it dreamed no more...

In the dark, your ashes blow
You fly with the wind, you rage with the storm
You strike with the lightening and rise with the sun
Until the heaven sends you down
Drop by drop, fresh as lemon
I make you room, as you sway with the petals
You fall on me, I am drenched in exultation
Euphoria, rapture, exuberance
I become you, and nothing more
My thought, my spirit, my heart
Lies content, complete, and satisfied…


ARNAB said...

awesome .

sounds like , someone has a bigggggggggggg crush on someone ! ;)

Angel of love!!! said...

Only you could infer something like this from the poem...

ARNAB said...

thats pure talent ! ;)

arpitjain099 said...

Could understand frst para only..bt d feeling is well appreciated..