Sunday, May 27, 2012

Knowing you...

I have been a part of your lost world…
I have run through your jungles,
Dived into your rivers
I have smelled your sweet scent
And fallen in love with your mountains
I have known your enemies and 
have fought by your side
I have attacked those predators 
and made peace with your life
I have sailed with the wind of your thoughts
And chased little rabbits to their green homes
I have explored those caves and marveled in wonder
at the things you have never shown
I have tended to your gardens and your spirit and your dreams
I have labored through the day and the night 
I have bathed in your waterfalls and drowned in your streams
and have glorified in your power and light

I tread these ways I know so well
in a world you think is lost
I have fought to keep your dreams alive
in a world you think is gone

I know where you’d like to go
I know what you'd like to see
Once I have lived in your lost world
I know what I am to be...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

All the difference

I asked them if I could see the sun
They said I wasn’t ripe enough
I asked them if I could take the fall
They said I wasn’t strong enough
I asked them if I could sing along
They said I wasn’t good enough
So I stayed and stayed inside the house
Too scared to ask them anymore…

I asked him if I could see the sun
He shone brighter than all the stars
I asked him if I could take the fall
He fell from grace to take me far
I asked him if I could sing with him
He wrote a song on his guitar
So I stayed with him inside our house
Too happy to be anywhere else…

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I tread a road I had never meant to take
I chase a dream I never had
Just because they said I couldn't
Just to say I could, but I wouldn't
I went too far on a one way road again
And realized my life
would never be the same again
and all that I had borrowed
was lost in vain
all that I had earned
was sold for pain...

I have nothing to offer to my future me
but the broken pieces of a bitter heart
a lonely shadow of a dream
and a will to make a better start...

Broken Warrior...

He stood under the broken bridge
Devastated, tattered and scarred
scratched, ruined and sold
too cheap for words,
too pricey for a soul
He stood there, broken
and menacingly beautiful...

They had said
He'd never be the same again
Cheated and stung
by this petty world
He'd never be himself again
Only he rose
Larger, stronger and too powerful
He fought the battles 
and walked amidst bloodshed
A proud face
with a disturbing expression 
He never cried again...
Stronger than anyone else
he protected his valor
and his people and his pride
but sold all else
His heart, his self, his spirit...