Sunday, May 27, 2012

Knowing you...

I have been a part of your lost world…
I have run through your jungles,
Dived into your rivers
I have smelled your sweet scent
And fallen in love with your mountains
I have known your enemies and 
have fought by your side
I have attacked those predators 
and made peace with your life
I have sailed with the wind of your thoughts
And chased little rabbits to their green homes
I have explored those caves and marveled in wonder
at the things you have never shown
I have tended to your gardens and your spirit and your dreams
I have labored through the day and the night 
I have bathed in your waterfalls and drowned in your streams
and have glorified in your power and light

I tread these ways I know so well
in a world you think is lost
I have fought to keep your dreams alive
in a world you think is gone

I know where you’d like to go
I know what you'd like to see
Once I have lived in your lost world
I know what I am to be...

1 comment:

ajrocks said...

Awesome...Out of the world!IT IS seriously awesome..