Monday, June 25, 2012

Silent Accusations...

I blamed it on the coffee house
The bitterness of my coffee
The bitterness of his words
And the bitterness in my heart

I blamed it on the loud music
The fact that I did not understand
Anything he ever said and
All I ever wanted to hear
Never touched his tongue

I blamed the dim lights
That he could never read my eyes
As he mistook all my intentions
Assuming them to be otherwise

I blamed the excessively long table
For the distance between us
For the shadows and silence that always lingered
Somewhere in that space
And drew us further apart

I blamed it all on the atmosphere
And everything it had within
As I faked my smiles
So he wouldn’t notice that 
I knew how he felt and what he denied
I knew that he felt exactly the same way...

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am blind,
But I pretend to see
In this hollow darkness, I peep
Searching for shadows, reflections
or blinding lights
Trying to recall what the world looked like
Years ago, is it still the same?
I stretch out my arms towards an empty frame...

I am blind,
But I pretend to see
The world can be cruel to those like me
I find my way through tunnels and streets
I have no eyes, so I cannot weep
Once in a while I am shown the way
at other times, they walk away...

I am blind,
so I pretend to see
but so isn't everybody around me?
There isn't a man who does not lie
There isn't a man who does not cry
They are all tired and spent and lost and denied
They are all finding their way, searching for light
there's nothing they share
there are all like me
they are all blind in this world,
but they pretend to see...