Monday, June 25, 2012

Silent Accusations...

I blamed it on the coffee house
The bitterness of my coffee
The bitterness of his words
And the bitterness in my heart

I blamed it on the loud music
The fact that I did not understand
Anything he ever said and
All I ever wanted to hear
Never touched his tongue

I blamed the dim lights
That he could never read my eyes
As he mistook all my intentions
Assuming them to be otherwise

I blamed the excessively long table
For the distance between us
For the shadows and silence that always lingered
Somewhere in that space
And drew us further apart

I blamed it all on the atmosphere
And everything it had within
As I faked my smiles
So he wouldn’t notice that 
I knew how he felt and what he denied
I knew that he felt exactly the same way...


arpitjain099 said...

I know that you read your blog comments I wanted to say that this poem of yours is really nice..:)

arpitjain099 said...

Never go to a dimly lit cafe having long tables with a guy..:P