Thursday, July 19, 2012


The truth is
they shall never know
that you and me parted our ways long ago.
I will tell them that we are fine 
I will tell them that we are happy
I will tell them that you love me 
just like you once used to.
I will hide from them my tears
behind a mask of well - placed smiles,
at the end of each question and as I begin all my answers.
I will hide from them, the shadows
that haunt me every night
The sound of my screams, from all those nightmares
and quietly whisper all my troubles to myself in the day.
I will, beneath all my silence,
bury this dark secret that
you've left me, and I am too lonely
and too hurt and too broken
to be put back together ever again.
I will fight my battles but the fruits of my victory
will be too bitter for me to savor.
I will look for you
in the rain, the wind, the fire, the earth
in the faded smiles and the memories blurred.

The truth is,
you left me long ago
and I will never really accept that as long as I live.