Friday, September 28, 2012

I wait
In a silent room
As they whisper around me, 
Pretending to grieve
these ghosts of my future
Promising a better tomorrow
Hush, little baby
I don't want to hear their lullaby
I had rather have nightmares
than not dream of him at all...

I wait
In the dark room
as they move around me
doing their silent dance
the ghosts of my past
celebrating my demise
I had dared to move on
I had dared to be happy
They curse me
I shut my ears
I had rather burn in misery
than wish I hadn't met him at all...

I wait
gathering myself up in my arms
had he been here
he would have known the right thing to say
he would have known 
how to drive these ghosts away...
I can still feel his breath on my neck
his hands on my back
and his lips on my face
I wait
not for him to return
but to take time
to preserve his memory
forever in my heart...