Friday, September 28, 2012


He said, for a little while more
His lips quivering as he yearned to get his story out
his lips dry, his pain etched on every inch of his face
I try to get it out
try to skin him, until I can bleed the poison out
that rests deep in his veins
thick as the lava that burns my heart
as I watch him sit there, helpless.

He begs off me
spilling his tears on my dress
as I run my hands through his hair,
assuring and reassuring
I am not going anywhere
How could I?
Knowing that my existence
depends on him and him alone

He tells me how he came to be this way
this broken tree, shattered by the lightening
cursed by the wind
as I hold his hand
and he holds on to me, for his roots
and his fruits, and all his foliage
My tears healing his wounds,
while his burn my yellow flesh
like acid, 
soon it will be me in his arms,
but until then, I will hold him together
whatever it takes...


Arpit Jain said...

This one's actually good..really good..

Poetik said...

Wow, this is breathtaking