Thursday, November 22, 2012

His Borrowed Self...

(I have no idea what has made me write this one, but I like it nevertheless...)

I am a bit of a romantic
It doesn't matter what they say
Today I look for him in his smiles
tomorrow I will find another way
in someone else's prayers, 
someone else's dreams
someone else's cards will play his game
I will steal his love from unfinished poems
a stranger's, perhaps
or from an old friend's wishes
Its his love I will look for 
in the last sip from someone else's coffee
in the kiss of a friend upon my cheek
it does not matter where I get it from
until its his love that I receive...

I am a bit of a romantic
it doesn't matter what they say
after all, his smile is ordinary
just like everybody else's
and so are his dreams
just like anybody else's
I will move on, from one place to another
in the everyday manner of a mundane life
looking for the plain and for the ordinary
looking for anything remotely like him
and seize it, 
every song, I will sing it
until it becomes my own
every rhyme,
until it settles on my lips
like a prayer
its a bit of you after all...

Its romantic, whatever they say
after all, every candle I blow
I wish for you
every eyelash I blow
I wish for your happiness
Its all for you, isn't it?
Knowing them, because I hope to know you better
deliberately clinging on to them
until I know what's in their heart
renting a part of them, just for a while
and settling down there, just for a while
so I may know what it's like
being you, being even a little like you
in all its abstractness
crying with them, living with them
sharing a part of me with them
and then moving on,
because for all I know,
I might not know you at all yet...


Saumya said...

U know, i like it too

Poetik said...

This is beautiful....absolutely beautiful...