Sunday, November 4, 2012

I look at him
Calm as an angel
With his face lit up with the brightest smiles
I look at him
Lively as a bloom
With his colors depicting the joy of life
I take what he gives
I close my palms
Lest, they escape me
The smiles and the tears he blows away for free
I close my heart, lest he escapes me
With his smiles and his tears
He drops in my glass
I savor every drop of him
His moods are intoxicating
And I flow, with his current
Like a broken branch of a broken tree
I don’t know where I am going
I don’t care where I am from
Living my life in rented lodgings
He keeps me safe, where I belong
I am but a delusional person
Living my life in borrowed daydreams
He keeps me safe, deep in his heart
I live him, every minute
My life runs the course he sets for me
An adventure, I jump off cliffs
Flying or falling, it’s all the same
There was never a beginning
He is the end
I fall, I fall into him
I fall into him satisfied...


ashish kumar pathak said...

this is too good seriously :)
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Poetik said...

Love this....
"borrowed daydreams"

"....he is the end"

Beautiful lines!
Beauitufl poem...Again, another poem I feel you've written for me