Saturday, November 3, 2012


They blamed him for my fall
As I plunged through the air
Nobody saw me struggle against him
As he tried to act the savior
I cut and pinched and fought against him
So I could take the flight
Only then I did not know that I would
Fall instead of flying…

I only saw the pretty clouds
I heard the loud wind
I smiled at the birds that flew
Thinking I was one of them
And for a while I did belong
Before I crashed into the earth
And they said it was all his fault
that I lay there in the dirt.

If I could, I would have defended you
I would have told them to look away
As they looked at you with their accusing eyes
As you cried your grief away
I would have put some words, I would have told them all
How you had tried to make me see
All I was and all I had
Being only me…

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