Friday, November 16, 2012

What's in a name...?

He sits there, smiling like a sphinx
in the shadows where I cannot see him
But I always know he's there, nevertheless.
She mentions his name
in a context I will never know
I often tend to drift off from conversations
that hold no interest for me.

But she catches me off guard
with his name let slip into a casual sentence
and before I know
I am coming undone
My shield breaking and shattering
My protection, the weak wall of courage
I had built around me
vanishes like it had never existed
and pearls pour down on my pillow
why? I will never know
His name is enough
His memory is enough
and I break down...

She sits there, helpless
unaware of what she has done
looking at me, all vulnerable
while he sits there, invisible to me
and yet I can feel his smile stretch
the sadist, I believe he likes my pain
as I fall, ever deeper, helplessly in love with him...


Arpit Jain said...

"sadist"! :@

Angel of love!!! said...

What are you so angry about...???