Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Looking Back and Forth...

I miss the days I wrote in simpler words. Not vocabulary wise, but its seems to me now that everything I write carries too much meaning behind it. I wish I could write exactly what I mean once more.

I was going through my posts from 3 years ago. I was somehow so much more optimistic about the world. I was so hopeful about spreading this idealism. I seem to have restricted that utopia to a certain person now. Everything I write is about my love for perfection. Once upon a time, my whole world felt perfect. Somehow, it has now reduced to an idea of a person.

Its time for it to spread once more. Its time for me to blow this new idea so it goes back to its original shapelessness. If what I had created was so perfect, it will still stand and glorify everything else as well. If not, oh well, at least everything else will sparkle in the aftermath of his demise.

I have a feeling he will stand it. So here goes all my energy to rewind a little bit. Or rather, move on...

Monday, December 24, 2012

The End...

In her last moments
Only madness
and freedom as she had never known.

In her last moments
only laughter
Sinister and divine
all at once.

In her last moments
All alone, abandoned
and discovering regret
If only, for once
she had stopped running.

In her last moments
murmuring prayers.
For all those she had to leave.
Her last moments
spent on others
as was all her life.

And in her very last moment
A thought of him
crossed her mind.
And she sank into oblivion
knowing, he waited
on the other side
eager to take her hand
and her heart gave away peacefully...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Now and Then...

Kindled spirit
Flattered heart
Born of dreams
Blown as an eyelash
spread out, in the wind itself
That was me, a while ago
before I met you...

Now all I am
is a whispered secret
Too cautious 
too careful
Too intimate to be shared
Kept in a box 
hidden away
the new me
born of lies
kept in disguise...

Now and then
Two different worlds
too different worlds
an  invisible me...

Saturday, December 8, 2012


He takes his first step forward
Breaking the silence, heavily laid upon our hearts
And pauses, for a moment,
Unsure of what I want,
Reading my eyes
For the first clue.

He takes his second step
Hoping I would step back, pausing again
Reading into my blank expression
Why was I still
Was it fear that glued my feet to the ground
Turning them into lead
Or my ignorance of his intentions?

He takes a third
He can almost hear me breathe now
And I stand my senses numb
And my mind, for once,
Clear of all thoughts
For now, he takes up all the space left in my world
And I surrender,
As if there was anything else I could have done.

 His hands reach out, cold as marble
Brandishing me, claiming all that I have
And I stand, as his fingerprints burn into my skin
As everything darkens, and finally fades out...


Sunlight plays cruelly on my eyes,
I shield them with my hands
My eyelids do a poor job
And my eyes fall upon him
Lying beside me, oblivious to my presence…
My shadow falls on him
My silhouette on his back,
I shift, and smile
As my palms rest like a bird on his back
And then a dog and then a dainty flower
Shadows on his sparkling self
This insignificance bothers me
After all, all that I will ever be to him
Is darkness, attempting to offend and disturb
His flawless glory
I resume my place
In the depth his arms
Anticipating an excuse
To remain there for a little while longer…