Saturday, December 8, 2012


He takes his first step forward
Breaking the silence, heavily laid upon our hearts
And pauses, for a moment,
Unsure of what I want,
Reading my eyes
For the first clue.

He takes his second step
Hoping I would step back, pausing again
Reading into my blank expression
Why was I still
Was it fear that glued my feet to the ground
Turning them into lead
Or my ignorance of his intentions?

He takes a third
He can almost hear me breathe now
And I stand my senses numb
And my mind, for once,
Clear of all thoughts
For now, he takes up all the space left in my world
And I surrender,
As if there was anything else I could have done.

 His hands reach out, cold as marble
Brandishing me, claiming all that I have
And I stand, as his fingerprints burn into my skin
As everything darkens, and finally fades out...


Sunlight plays cruelly on my eyes,
I shield them with my hands
My eyelids do a poor job
And my eyes fall upon him
Lying beside me, oblivious to my presence…
My shadow falls on him
My silhouette on his back,
I shift, and smile
As my palms rest like a bird on his back
And then a dog and then a dainty flower
Shadows on his sparkling self
This insignificance bothers me
After all, all that I will ever be to him
Is darkness, attempting to offend and disturb
His flawless glory
I resume my place
In the depth his arms
Anticipating an excuse
To remain there for a little while longer…

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