Friday, January 25, 2013

Broken, Burnt and Charred...

He burns away
Like plastic
Consuming himself and all that's behind him
melting, dropping
leaving bitter acrid odor behind
he burns, his masochistic self
smiling through all the pain
as the heat tickles his flesh
charring, melting and molding it
for the better or the worse
no one knows...
Not a drop of blood will spill
he knows,
his heart had frozen long ago
they had cut him, into a million pieces
a hand here, a foot there
and he had lain like that for a long time
until she had come along
and had tried to put him back together
but she got it all wrong
and now he was a jigsaw puzzle
with scattered pieces here and there
Burning away in agony
and smiling through all that pain... 

The Abstract of Love...

These words
As empty as the heart I carry
written as plea for love.
Come down, I need your grace
fill me with the love long denied
Tell them I am not insane to be waiting
for a man who sits too high above me
I stand too small, to be heard that high
I stand too little, to be seen from those heavens
you make your bed in...
I have often heard you whisper, you know,
words of love, songs of tenderness
Making believe you address me
that your lonely sighs belong to me
I listen, happy tears brimming in my eyes
I love you back, in my own way
a love too abstract to believe in...
I remind myself, you sent me away with a promise
you'll be back I know
But until then, its hard, making believe
Don't let my faith in you waiver
and most of all, don't let me leave
I would like to wait
For as long as it takes...

Unpleasant Surprise

Treading a thin rope. 
Tip toeing, lest I slip.
Humoring you, ever way I can
Playing your cruel games
living by the ever changing rules
Hoping to win, wanting to lose
falling, every time you like to rise
I look into your eyes, 
searching for the man I knew
when once again
I see a stranger staring back at me...

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I remind myself
Every time you come close
Taking in, everything
that makes our world so fragile
built on nothing but red ashes
heat of the most deceptive form
rekindling only for moments
flaring in all my agony
and dying in sighs of passion
released into the air between us
I breathe in the illusion
of a love
too tender to last
too fickle to stay
too stubborn to surrender...

My heart rescued by another
who makes me rise
every time you leave me defeated
on my knees
with my hands outstretched
when he fills in the empty spaces
and calms down my troubled heart
with him, my heart walks a steady beat
and for a while I rest in his arms
and the fire in me is reduced to ashes
when once again, before I go pale
I see you, with your cruel whims
and twisted smiles,
and my craven heart forgets to beat...