Friday, January 25, 2013

Broken, Burnt and Charred...

He burns away
Like plastic
Consuming himself and all that's behind him
melting, dropping
leaving bitter acrid odor behind
he burns, his masochistic self
smiling through all the pain
as the heat tickles his flesh
charring, melting and molding it
for the better or the worse
no one knows...
Not a drop of blood will spill
he knows,
his heart had frozen long ago
they had cut him, into a million pieces
a hand here, a foot there
and he had lain like that for a long time
until she had come along
and had tried to put him back together
but she got it all wrong
and now he was a jigsaw puzzle
with scattered pieces here and there
Burning away in agony
and smiling through all that pain... 

1 comment:

jatsin said...

Royal mix of words and grande writing. Shows how you succeed in bringing out emotions and details in precision. I don't know the context but you could always tell me.. :) Excellent work :)