Thursday, January 3, 2013


I remind myself
Every time you come close
Taking in, everything
that makes our world so fragile
built on nothing but red ashes
heat of the most deceptive form
rekindling only for moments
flaring in all my agony
and dying in sighs of passion
released into the air between us
I breathe in the illusion
of a love
too tender to last
too fickle to stay
too stubborn to surrender...

My heart rescued by another
who makes me rise
every time you leave me defeated
on my knees
with my hands outstretched
when he fills in the empty spaces
and calms down my troubled heart
with him, my heart walks a steady beat
and for a while I rest in his arms
and the fire in me is reduced to ashes
when once again, before I go pale
I see you, with your cruel whims
and twisted smiles,
and my craven heart forgets to beat...

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