Friday, January 25, 2013

The Abstract of Love...

These words
As empty as the heart I carry
written as plea for love.
Come down, I need your grace
fill me with the love long denied
Tell them I am not insane to be waiting
for a man who sits too high above me
I stand too small, to be heard that high
I stand too little, to be seen from those heavens
you make your bed in...
I have often heard you whisper, you know,
words of love, songs of tenderness
Making believe you address me
that your lonely sighs belong to me
I listen, happy tears brimming in my eyes
I love you back, in my own way
a love too abstract to believe in...
I remind myself, you sent me away with a promise
you'll be back I know
But until then, its hard, making believe
Don't let my faith in you waiver
and most of all, don't let me leave
I would like to wait
For as long as it takes...