Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Speaking up!

With your infinite promises
With your claim of holy affection
With your stubborn belief
I am the one, I always will be!

With with your cuffs of honesty and fidelity
With your chains of forever and eternity
With your strong conviction
I was the one, until I ruined it!

With your petty excuses of a wasted heart 
Of a wasted self
With that little bird at your side
Three months after you said I failed you
Who left me bound with the promises
that don't matter to you any more

Who made me a prisoner of love
Me, the very person
You still claim, 
once set you free! 


This agony
I present to you 
Wrapped in a lace of smiles
Tied in a knot of my priceless string 
of welcoming words and brightest syllables.

This agony
Bittersweet from the attention it receives
Your promises of undying love
and everlasting passion
my hand extending too carefully towards you
Disguising everything this heart holds
afraid you might refuse it
as others often have.

This agony
This misery, this despair
I cover my ears as soon as you take it
I close my eyes for fear of rejection
of this heart painted black and dirty pink
In anticipation of your answer
my every breath hangs on to your reaction.

You take the pretty present
in all your naive ignorance
and unwrap it, layer by layer
carefully, lest you break it
I peek through my fingers
as its contents are revealed to you
and a kind smile spreads across your face
Not a minute of hesitation
not a moment of repulsion.

All my agony
All the colors of this heart
Bared to you
Black and pink and all its foulness
It brightens at your touch 
and beats infinitely faster
Life returns to the wretched thing 
And I uncover myself
Weeping tears of joy
at having rediscovered life
Yet again...