Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The suitcase.

It's my suitcase of memories
My red suitcase of memories.

Your crumpled shirt
Hidden beneath a layer of my dresses.
Trying to peek out
I stuff it in further
For fear of bitterness and love.

My book of secrets
With all your letters and wilted roses
With all my darkness you never knew.
Hidden away, under your shirt
For fear of strange revelations.

A sketch of him.
Drawn in pencil, 
Neatly folded, in a white envelope
Stacked away, with your letters.
For fear of losing a part of me
You will never know!

The story of us
A blur of grey and silver
Anklets, bangles, and all other charms
Losing their color, in this winter rain
Finally, these drops of madness
Dissolve everything into ink and ashes! 

My suitcase of memories, 
Wasted and ruined
Its time to start afresh.


Arpit Jain said...

Rupali,this one's beautiful!! Really! Awesome. :)

Angel of love said...

Thank you!!! :)