Saturday, October 26, 2013

Unfinished Delusion.

I can vaguely remember
The color of your eyes
You're a fading memory
Even so
I like you this way
On the horizon
Receding with every step I take.
I will chase you to eternity
I will remain,
In the back of your head
If that's what it takes
We can haunt each other
Become nightmares
Become insomniacs
For each other's sake.
They will never know the difference
Once you and me
Remain together
In the wake of a dream.

I will drink to your sighs
That I'll hear in the wind
As I hear you missing me
under your sheets.
You can dance to the sound
of my keyboard in the dark
as I type away
The love we have made.
In drinks and ashes
In wine and matches
Its a poem we wrote
that we repeat under our breaths.
This story, half written
A tragedy of sorts
I like you this way
The unfinished delusion. 

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