Sunday, December 6, 2015

To her, with love

I vividly remember
The first time I saw her
Her hair, a mass of black satin
Following her
In graceless glory
While she ran bare feet
On wild flowers
In chaos
Her magnanimous body
Soft, supple
Her fiery heart
Strong, indomitable
I remember, precisely
The ecstasy I felt
As I saw her dance
in her unfearing beauty!

The darker side of things

Being with you
Is like swimming underwater
You are all I feel
My hair surround my face
I cannot open my eyes
My arms are flapping
Grabbing at nothing
I  hear nothing
I see nothing
I feel only desperation
As I try to claw my way
Back to sanity

The Vice

My cigarette
Is an expression
Of my rebellion
With every puff
I blow in your face
My indifference

My cigarette
Is an expression
Of my stubbornness
I declare
With each one
My exemption

My cigarette
Is an expression
Of your disappointment
I light each one
At the cost
Of your veneration

My cigarette
Is my refusal
To become
Your exhibition

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A lesson in being real

Forgive me
If sometimes, I feel unreal
Like everything I say
Has been rehearsed
Like it's all an act
A mockery
Of everything they call love

Because sometimes
When you have spent
your entire life
Faking love in every way
Faking kindness, and sincerity
Sometimes a shadow of that past
Overtakes you

But I swear
This, in the present
Is everything love was supposed to be
And I am trying very hard
To not ruin this
By feigning affection

I need you

I need you here
To tell you how I feel
Until we are
On the same page

I need you to listen
As I go over every detail
Of our first night together
As I had lain awake
watching you sleep
wonderfully carelessly

I need you to read
my journal
Everything I have written about you
About every little thing
That you made me feel
From inadequacy to perfection

I need you to tell me
Everything I awaken inside of you
Every thought, memory, or impulse
As we lie on the same page
Holding each other...