Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New year, Old me!

Every now and then
I have an urge to reject
That defines me.
Positivity, harmony
Care, love,
Calm, energy
Laughter and ability.
I am more than an expectation
Yours or my own
You were mistaken
If you assumed otherwise!
Don't push me
Down, or on a pedestal
I won't keep
Your veneration, your admiration
In me, you'll never find
Your salvation
Keep them, your applause
Your rewards
For another

Because every once in a while,
I will refuse to value them
They will mean nothing
And that ought to serve you right!

Oh! Its been a while
Since I last refused to care
And today I have finally
Reaffirmed my identity!

Its a new year
But thankfully
The same old me!

1 comment:

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