Thursday, May 26, 2016


And once again
I watch you from afar
As you go about
being yourself
Walking that walk
As if heading nowhere

Everything about you is casual
The way you stroke your beard
Yours eyes staring blankly
At everything, and nothing
The way you light your cigarette,
and mine
And the way you flick it
In casual dismissal
The way you laugh
Throwing your head backwards
I derive particular gratifaction
When its because of something I say

I like the way you look at me
Do I delight you? Please you?
I think so
I watch you
When you seek me out
Very deliberately
And expel me from your consideration
Just as surely

But all I do is watch you
From a safe, safe distance
Considering your every move
And never surrendering
Because I know
That it would be just as futile
As simply watching you

Sunday, May 15, 2016

That night

That night
You made me feel beautiful
As you traced
the outline of my body
with your lips
First casually, and then with
much urgency
As if you were afraid
that I would disappear
before you could have enough

That night
You made me feel desired
As you ran your two hands
All over my form
Grasping, moulding
Making me feel like clay
Finally taking shape
Under the pressure of your palms

That night
You made me feel satisfied
As the darkness inside me disappeared
Travelling through our bodies
Escaping into outer space
Only white light
Engulfing us both
As we paved our way
Into a delirium

That line

I have been looking
for the line that I had drawn
between 'yours' and 'mine'

Protective of my self,
I had insisted on buying two nightstands.
One for your mysteries, and one for mine.
I had carefully separated
Our books on the bookshelf
Fearful, that you simply couldn't,
Or wouldn't, understand them.
I had split chores in two
This space in two
My heart, in two.

However, lately
Things have changed

I am finding myself
sharing with you
Sides of the bed,
books, ideas, secrets,
toothbrushes, perfumes,
wardrobes, kisses, moods
t-shirts, razors, socks,
ideologies, diaries,
habits, miracles and smiles.

I am starting to wonder...
Are you still yours?
Or are you perhaps mine!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why do I love you so?

They often ask
Why do I love you so?
Why do I insist on staying firmly grounded
into the Earth beside your two feet
When I could be anywhere else?

Here is why

You, are my clear blue stream of cold fresh water
Inside your enchanting depths
I see my spirit, reflected
Without its flaws or its scars or its muckiness
I see myself glorified
The finest version of me, staring back at me
And I become conscious
Of all the things that I am capable of
Of the things I can accomplish
Of the person I can become
And I feel my body transform
Slowly, but steadily
Into the woman that you admire!